Ingalls Same Day Surgery

About Us

Our Mission

Personal Care….Specialized outpatient staff attending your needs in private rooms with only one priority, Patient Care.

Convenience… Easy access with lower patient costs as compared to a hospital setting.

Expertise… Surgical specialists focused on successful comprehensive outcomes returning you to the comfort of your home for recuperation.

Professional Quality…. Medical Leaders and Surgical Specialists achieving the highest standards for over 25 years.


Because we specialize in outpatient surgery, our Center has been equipped with your comfort in mind. Our technology is state-of-the-art and our experienced outpatient specialists are dedicated to making sure that you are prepared for your surgery. We are members of the Ambulatory Surgery Centers Association and received our accreditation from the Joint Commission of Health Care Facilities.

Our Owners

Ingalls Same Day Surgery is owned and operated by Ingalls Health System and MedCentrix, Inc.

Ram Aribindi, M.D
Robert Bosack, D.D.S.
Davis Dreyfuss, M.D.
Jack Gelman, M.D.
John Grady, D.P.M.
Michael Herzog, M.D.
Antonio Mancini, M.D.

Steven Pierpaoli, M.D.
David Raminski, M.D.
George Sreckovic, M.D.
James Sylora, M.D.
Ernesto Tan, M.D.
Charles Turk, D.O.
Daniel Weber, M.D.