Patient Care

Day of Surgery

Upon Arrival, You will be called the afternoon before your surgery for the time of arrival.  Please bring your insurance card and a picture ID.  At this time, we will complete your admission documents and consent forms.

You must bring a responsible adult to be with you at the center, escort you home, and care for you upon discharge.  During surgery, they may wait in our lounge, snacks and food is available in our retail pharmacy, Wi-Fi available.  We ask that you leave children at home.

The First 24 Hours

We strongly suggest that for 24 hours following surgery you do not attempt to make any important decisions, sign legal papers, drive or operate machinery or drink alcoholic beverages.  Rest, make yourself comfortable, and carefully follow your recovery instructions.

Recovery at Home

To ensure a comfortable recovery at home, adhere to your surgeon’s instructions regarding medication, surgical dressings, bathing, diet, and other activities.  During this time, eat lightly and avoid fatty foods.  If you have any problems after you are home, call your surgeon immediately.


Following your discharge, we will call to see how you are feeling and to answer any questions you may have.  In most instances, you will need to follow-up with your surgeon or physician with a post surgical appointment.

Financial & Billing Information

  • Please bring a copy of your insurance card and photo ID so we may verify your benefits and submit your claim correctly.
  • Your assistance in ensuring prompt payment from your insurance company is appreciated.  Since the contract is between you and your insurance company, any unpaid balance remains your responsibility or the person who signs for financial responsibility of the account.
  • If your procedure is not covered by insurance, or if you are required to pay a portion of your bill, payment may be requested on the day or your procedure.
  • It is expected that all accounts will be paid in full within 60 days of the date of service.
  • You may receive other fees related to your surgery that are NOT part of the Center’s charges.  These may include fees from the surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist and testing preformed at other facilities.
  • We accept cash and major credit cards.  Personal checks are not accepted for cosmetic procedures.